Supertux2 Level Editor – A World with Levels

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    Now that we can make a world map and various levels, we can combine the two together. Hopefully, you have practiced making Worlds and Levels.

    For this tutorial, you need to have at least one level made and saved in the "New Land" folder with the World Map you made. In my folder, I have "The_New_Land.strf", "Snow Fields.stl" and "Snow Mountain.stl". I will add the two levels into the World Map.

    To add the levels, open the World Map. First, I select the Objects Tool and then click on Interactive in the list of layers. In the Objects list, choose the red dot which is labeled as "WorldmapLevel". Place a red dot where you want the level to be located on the path. Place one dot per level that you have created.

    Click on your first red dot and the lower properties screen should show the properties for the selected dot. In the Name field, enter the name of the level you wish to correspond with the dot in the levels folder. For example, one dot is "levels/Snow Field.stl" and the other is "levels/Snow Mountain.stl". Be aware that the names are case-sensitive. When clicking on one dot and filling in the Name, when you click on another dot the name remains from the previous dot. If you have problems getting the Name in properly, change one dot and then click on Tux (the spawning point). After this, click on another dot and fill in the Name. Continue this until all dots are completed. The problem seems to be with the Editor.

    NOTE: You cannot enter the levels from the World Map by selecting "Play Current Version" from the editor. Once you select to enter a level, you are taken back to the editor.

    Be aware as well, that under Properties for the "WorldmapLevel" there is a check-box marked as "Autoplay". When unchecked, the player must press Enter to start the level. When checked, the level automatically starts when Tux lands on it.

    The next article will explain how to put the files together to create a "Contrib Level" and play your whole game in SuperTux 2.

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