DCJTech is a website that offers forums, PDF cheatsheets, free downloads, articles, tutorials, etc. on many computer topics. Such topics include Linux, Windows, OS X, BSD, Solaris, general computing, programming, Minecraft, gaming, graphics, etc. This website is owned and managed by Devyn Collier Johnson (@DevynCJohnson || <[email protected]>). Please donate to this project using the PayPal "Donate" button in the sidebar to the right.  Also, the public will be informed (via Google Plus) of the objects and services that are purchased with the donations. Any money gained by this website will be used to fund the website and authors; this is a non-profit website.

There are many downloads (https://dcjtech.info/forum/downloads/), articles/tutorials (https://dcjtech.info/forum/articles/), and more (https://dcjtech.info/sitemap/). Users can read articles in a recommended order by topic/subject (https://dcjtech.info/guides/).

The website also includes a news and reviews section (https://dcjtech.info/forum/news-and-reviews/) and an admin-desk for topics relating to the website itself (https://dcjtech.info/forum/admin-desk/). In addition, DCJTech hosts events (https://dcjtech.info/events/) to help work with the public to contribute to the world.

The terms of use, rules, and privacy policy are subject to change without notice.

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Terms of Use (Rules)

The terms of use, rules, and privacy policy are subject to change without notice. "Content" refers to posts, media, webpages, source code, links, comments, articles, etc.

No spam, bullying, or illegal content (or links to such content) is allowed on this site. By using this website, you agree to not use this website to submit, link, embed, display or publish any data that is abusive, hateful, threatening, sexist, racist, spam, or spam-like. Furthermore, posting content that contains adult or objectionable content, contains personal information of others, risks copyright infringement, encourages unlawful activity, or violates any law is forbidden on this website.

Any content you upload is owned by you. We reserve the rights to remove and/or modify any content submitted (by anyone) for any reason without explanation. If content is removed or modified, it is likely due to illegal content, copyright infringement, violation of the "terms of use", or improper HTML/Shortcode formatting.

All and any donations and advertisement-service payments are not refundable. Exceptions do not apply.


Donations help to fund the site and pay authors. Below is a list of needs that donations will help to satisfy.

You can contact this website concerning donations on the "Contact-Us" page or by contacting the owner directly at [email protected]

Write for Us

As of right now, DCJTech cannot pay for contributions. However, DCJTech will accept free contributions that meet certain standards. If a submission is close to meeting the standards or if the author is willing/wanting to make changes to do so, then DCJTech will be happy to help the author or apply the changes for the author. If the submitted content is accepted, then the content will be placed in the appropriate location for public/global viewing.

A variety of people and organizations are welcome to submit content to DCJTech such as

  • Bloggers can migrate/move their content to DCJTech
  • Hardware and software developers can promote their products
  • Software developers can submit announcements to be published in the news section
  • Software developers can submit tutorials/documentation

To submit/upload content (articles, cheatsheets, wallpapers, etc.), use one of the below listed methods. If an author submits multiple articles, then the author is eligible to be listed on the "About the Crew" page.

  1. If the person has an account on DCJTech with "author" privileges, then place the content under https://dcjtech.info/forum/submissions/, which is preferred if the user-account has such capabilities.
  2. (Easiest) If the person does not have an account, then email [email protected] the content. Be sure to specify to whom DCJTech should give credit/recognition or request a pseudonym. Content submitted using this method will be published using the "@testdummy" user-account (https://dcjtech.info/members/testdummy/) which is an account used by the admins to run tests or anonymously post on another's behalf.

When submitting articles with images via email, please include the image files. It is easier for us to upload the image files to DCJTech rather than extract embedded images from documents.

When writing, use English and proper grammar and spelling. As far as spelling is concerned, Australian, British, or American English is acceptable. Most of the articles/tutorials are around 400-2000 words, but no minimum or maximum word-counts are set.

There are some grammar rules that are important to follow. However, articles will not be rejected if they fail to follow the below rules. The below list is numbered for easier reference.

  1. Use a single-space after commas, colons (except in ratios and other common exceptions), semi-colons, and end-of-sentence punctuation.
  2. Capitalize the first word and principal/important words (i.e. adjectives, nouns, some conjunctions, verbs, etc.) of the article's title. Do not capitalize words like "a", "and", "but", "is", "were", etc., unless they are the first word of the title. DCJTech mostly uses the "Associated Press Style" for article and page capitalization. In addition, do not capitalize "special" words that are generally recognized in a special format (such as "iPhone"). Words like that would keep the lower-case "i" and the upper-case "P".

Numerous article formats are welcome as seen in the below list. For questions, go to the "Contact Us" page or email [email protected].

  • single-articles
  • article-series
  • reviews
  • opinion-pieces
  • news
  • software and hardware promotions (do not write it as an advertisement)
  • charts/tables (charticle)
  • listicle

DCJTech Domain Names

  • dcjtech.info
  • dcjtech.net
  • dcjtech.org
  • kernelsun.com