Big Video Game Rumors That'd Make 2020 Even Crazier


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    With the arrival of the next generation of consoles on the horizon and major releases of games still eluding us, the video game industry seems to be calm before a storm. We're expecting great things later in 2020 but the fireworks have not yet begun. Things can become even more volatile when they finally do if a variety of persistent rumors are true. Here we'll review a list of the most popular game rumors that would make a real cork this season. Let’s see

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    With the arrival of the next generation of consoles on the horizon and big launches of the game still eluding us, the video game industry seems to be calm before a storm. We're expecting great things later in 2020 but the fireworks have not yet begun. Events could become even more unpredictable when they do if several ongoing rumors prove true. Here we'll review a list of the most popular wishes that will make a real cork this season.

    Rumors of a better Nintendo Switch console, in almost the same way as the PS4 Guru and Xbox One X, have emerged more than a year ago today.

    We died right after it became apparent that Nintendo would go ahead with a cheaper and less efficient Switch Lite. Today, thank God, we hear reports again that Nintendo is planning a Guru of Change.

    Sharper pictures, better screen, bigger battery, certainly, is this the ultimate Switch version everybody wants?

    A revised version of the Switch capable of more challenging third-party matches will be a pleasure, more than just a chance to finally enjoy the Wild at a comfortable 30 fps.

    Especially because Sony and Microsoft with their upcoming consoles will push the output bar in a significant way. It's time Nintendo improved her game, too.

    Digitimes said earlier this season that Nintendo "plans to launch a new version of the Switch in mid-2020, which will start volume production by the end of the first quarter of 2020," according to its sources. The new model would be to get a stronger CPU and an alloy body with magnesium. Crossed fingers are right.

    2. Assassin's Creed Ragnarok / Kingdom Rumors

    Regarding Ubisoft's new Assassin's Creed game began shortly after Odyssey's launch and hasn't stopped since.

    It was named "Kingdom," and the subsequent reports suggested it was "Ragnorok" (the last of which was recently discredited); both shared valuable common ground either way. What interests us above all: a Viking setting.

    If you haven't heard, Scandinavian myths and history are all the rage right now. The Vikings of History Channel, Netflix's Last Kingdom, Hellblade, God of War, etc. Not to mention, that'd just be a great excuse for Assassin's Creed, right? The promise of an epic sea battle with Viking Boats in this series is already making us hum songs from the sea. We would like to see Ubisoft examine this aspect of the game, the theme of the Black Flag, in this note. The Vikings, after all, were original pirates.

    3. New horror game Kojima

    Now that we have finally finished balancing pizza on our floating conveyors, building roads to nowhere in America and reluctantly soothing BB's piercing screams of frustration as we try to solve the Death Stranding conundrum, it's time to look for another Hideo Kojima encounter. OMG, it is exhausting even to dream!

    If the recent teasing of Kojima is something to go through, his next work may also be even more emotionally draining, as there seems to be a return to the genre of horror at the problem.

    Of course, Death Stranding was born out of Kojima's brief attempt at terrifying games. The P.T. demonstration, which functioned as a taunt to a never materialized Silent Hill game, starred in Norman Reedus, and the rest is history.

    As it came out, P.T was popular and it's definitely shocking in itself, but we'd also like to see what Kojima would do with a large-scale project of terror game. The guy has so many interesting ideas and will have an opportunity to explore a new land.

    If we had to choose between that and the likelihood of a recently described sequel to Death Stranding, we would certainly give Kojima our vote, by trying to scare us with a new IP, unleashing his weird and fantastic spirit.

    4. Remastering the Mass Effect

    Trilogy Mass Effect was a beloved series in the industry, but an end to the split in the history of trilogy combined with the Mass Impact fiasco: the faulty launch of Andromeda took him down.

    It is a shame since the results of volume 1 and 2 are positive and more people need a fresh coat of paint to reach them.

    The EA publisher has been curiously reluctant to remaster old IP addresses. He's totally in a gold mine, but up to now, he's resisted the urge to make a buck, which oddly doesn't suit his usual MO. Fortunately, all signs point to a change of song for Mass Effect fans.

    Following the announcement by EA of this year's plans to remaster several classics, BioWare randomly published a brief extract from a dialog in the original game.

    Is that a joke? If not, why would the programmer post anything to a blue group of ten years? It's just time to learn. One thing is certain, though: When the Volume Impact trilogy remastering takes place, we'll make sure to thank our lucky stars.

    5. Grand Theft Auto IV

    Confirmed that Grand Theft Auto V is still selling gangbusters 7 years after its launch. His daily successes never fail to amaze and are well deserved for his monumental achievement. But really, what we need today is a fucking suite.

    So let's hope that filing an existing tax claim is evidence of the GTA VI creation many see as such.

    Rockstar Games recently claimed a whopping # 37.6 m from The Video Game Tax Relief (VGTR), a clause provided by HMRC to video game companies producing "culturally British" software, in the event you haven't heard.

    Since only manufacturing costs can be maintained and since GTA V Rockstar has not logged matches, it is assumed that GTA VI is currently under active development.

    It's not a smoking tool but it seems to add up. There's no doubt, after all, that Rockstar Games plans to deliver a sequel, and with Red Dead Redemption II quickly approaching in the books and the next generation of consoles, it seems as though the writing is on the wall.

    Rockstar Games 'official announcement of GTA VI continues to be one of the most wanted by 2020.

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