About the Crew



This is a list of some of the temporary, one-time, and past contributors that published content on DCJTech or helped in some manner. Some contributors may not be listed here. If a contributor wishes to be listed here, please email the website owner at DevynCJohnson ат Gmail ðот com.

Devyn Collier Johnson (@DevynCJohnson)

Devyn Collier Johnson (@DevynCJohnson) is the owner and creator of DCJTech.info. Devyn has written articles for various websites including Linux.org, Full Circle Magazine, The BSD Magazine, Ezine, and others. Devyn is also a software architect/engineer. Devyn has contributed to various projects such as Geany, Wallch, Firefox web-browser, and others. In 2013, Devyn was the technical editor for McGraw-Hill's book "EPUB from the Ground Up" by Jarret Buse.

His phone number, résumé, and references are available upon request.

Hooman Aminvand (@hooman)

Jarret Buse (@jbuse1)

Saptarshi Nag (@Saptarshi)