Supertux2 Level Editor – Creating Contrib Levels

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    You may be wondering how do I play my world in SuperTux 2. Well, it is not too complex, but it can take a little time and practice.

    To start, you need new folder. In this example, I will call mine "zip".

    Open the "zip" folder and create a new folder call "levels". A file also needs to be created here as well. The file is called "<world>.nfo". The name <world> is replace by your world name, such as "New Land".

    The contents of the file are as follows:

    (kind "Worldmap")
    (title "<world_name>")
    (author "<your_name>")
    (license "GPL 2+ / CC-by-sa")
    (file "<file_name>.zip")

    In the file, replace <world_name> with the name of your world. Replace <your_name> with your name which you want to include in the world. Use the final file name in the place of <file_name>. Keep these things simple and remember the file name and world name for later.

    Open the "levels" folder and create a new folder with the name of the world. Once created, open the folder. Within this folder, create another called "levels". Copy the world map into the current folder (not the "levels" folder). Rename the world map to "worldmap.stwm". The default world map must be "worldmap.stwm".

    Within the folder, named for the world, create a file called "info" with the following contents:

    (title "<world_name>")
    (description "<description of the world>")
    (hide-from-contribs #f)
    (levelset #f)

    Before moving on, one thing needs to be removed from the "worldmap.stwm" file. Open it with a text editor and search for a line with "draw target". If the line is found, remove the line and move the next line up. Be sure no blank line is left in its place once removed. Save the world map and exit the text editor.

    In the "levels" folder, place all of the levels needed by the world map. The SuperTux Level (stl) files must be placed in the "levels" folder. Since the name of the levels were "levels/<level_name>", they are needed in the levels folder.

    Now, go back to the "zip" folder which contains the "levels" folder and an "nfo" file. Select the two items and create a zip. Name the zip file the same name as you specified previously in the "nfo" file. When the zip file is created, place a copy in the folder "~/.supertux2". Once done, open SuperTux2 and select "Contrib Levels" from the Main Menu. You should see your World listed here so select it. If everything was done correctly, it should work. If not, try it all again, but perform each step carefully.

    NOTE: Make sure the "draw target" line is removed from the world map or problems will occur when trying to start the world.

    Next, we will be adding the Bad Guys to our levels.

    Sample Level (Newland) -

    Further Reading

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