Python Pip Commands

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    General ParametersDescription
    -v,--verboseVerbose mode (More output)
    -q,--quietQuiet mode (Less output)
    -V,--versionDisplay version info
    --isolatedIgnore environment variables and user configuration
    --log PATHLog file
    --retries XRetry connection X times
    --timeout SECONDSTry for X seconds before retry
    --cache-dir DIRCache directory
    --no-cache-dirDisable cache
    --disable-pip-version-checkDo not check Pip version
    --cert PATHPath to secondary CA bundle
    --client-cert CERTPath to SSL certificate
    --trusted-host HOSTNAMEConsider the host trusted
    pip listList packages
    -o,--outdatedList outdated packages
    -u,--uptodateList current packages
    -e,--editableList editable items
    -l,--localList local virtualenv packages
    --userList user-site packages
    --preInclude developmental packages
    -i URL,--index-url URLPyPI URL
    --extra-index-url URLAdditional package repos
    --no-indexIgnore package index
    -f URL,--find-links URLSearch for archives at the URL
    --allow-external PKGAllow package installation
    --allow-all-externalAllow externally hosted packages to be installed
    --allow-unverified PKGInstall insecure package
    --process-dependency-linksProcess links for dependencies
    pip show PKGDisplay package info
    -f, --filesList package's files
    pip search KEYWORDSearch PyPI for keyword
    --index URLRepo to search
    pip uninstall PKGUninstall/remove package
    -r FILE,--requirement FILEUninstall packages listed in requirements file
    -y,--yesAssume “yes” for questions
    pip freezeGenerate requirements file
    -r FILE,--requirement FILEUse the order given in the file
    -f URL,--find-links URLURL for finding packages
    -l,--localOnly list virtualenv packages
    --userOnly list user-site packages
    pip install PKGInstall package
    pip install PKG==1.0Install specific version
    pip install 'PKG>=1.0'At least, install version X
    -r FILE,--requirement FILEInstall listed packages in the requirements file
    -b DIR,--build DIRDirectory for building packages
    -t DIR,--target DIRInstall in directory
    -d DIR, --download DIRDownload only
    -U,--upgradeUpdate listed packages
    --force-reinstallRe-install packages when updating
    --no-depsDo not install dependencies
    --eggInstall as an Egg
    --compileCompile *.py to *.pyc
    --no-compileDo not compile
    --no-use-wheelDo not use wheels
    --preInclude developmental versions
    --no-cleanDo not clean build directories
    -i URL,--index-url URLPyPI URL
    --extra-index-url URLAdditional URLs
    --no-indexOnly use --find-links URLs
    -f URL,--find-links URLParse links for archives
    --allow-external PKGInstall 3rd-party package
    --allow-all-externalInstall 3rd-party packages
    --allow-unverified PKGInstall unverified package
    --process-dependency-linksProcess links for dependencies

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