How to Play Nintendo Games on GNU/Linux

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    Although we are now in a 3D high-graphic period, many people still like to play Nintendo games. Thankfully, there are many emulators that run Nintendo games on GNU/Linux.

    Each game has one file (we say ROM). First, you must download the ROM for the desired games from However, there are other websites to download ROMs, but this website has a big archive. The ROM files have two kinds of suffixes - *.nes and *.nmc.

    For running NES files, I found Nestra, FCEU, Zsnes, and INES. I prefer to use INES because it is better. You can download it from and click on "INES LINUX" to download the *.tgz file. Get the file out of the archive (one folder with two files ines16 and ines32). To install, you must copy ines16 and ines32 to /usr/bin/, then to open/play a NES file, you click on ' open with..'.

    INES Keys

    • Four keys Direction
    • Enter (at starter in Micro's Controller)
    • Fever (equivalent to the starting side in the micro's controller)
    • Distance (to be selected) - the equivalent of one of the two buttons on the right category Micro (bottom row) (top row, only to be repeated)
    • Each of the keys to the distance (Z, X, C, etc.) for the cancellation (the ones behind the right buttons micro category)
    • F5 key to open the menu (see Options)
    • F11 key to reset the emulator

    One of the interesting features in the INES is that you can save and load games by clicking F5!

    For opening SMC files, you can use ZSNES ( To install this app, you need libsdl1.2-dev, libsdl1.2debian, and nasm software packages.

    Further Reading

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