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    Windows batch files can be run on Linux like shell scripts. First the user must have Wine installed. Then, download the file below. After extracting the file, move it to /usr/bin/ or /usr/share/bin/. Be sure that the file is named "winescript" and is executable.

    Below is an example. Use Root privileges when executing the below commands.

    mv ./winescript /usr/share/bin/winescript
    chmod +x /usr/share/bin/winescript

    In the batch file on the Linux system, place "#!/usr/bin/env winescript" in the file as the first line. Then, make the batch file executable (chmod +x ./batchfile.bat).

    Now, the batch file can be executed as if it were running on a Windows system.

    Winescript is made by Devyn Collier Johnson and is Public Domain (CC0)

    Download version 2015.02.08

    Example batch file

    #!/usr/bin/env winescript
    @ECHO off
    ECHO Hello World!

    Winescript Source Code

    # -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
    # vim:fileencoding=utf-8
    # Created by Devyn Collier Johnson
    # <[email protected]>
    # Version 2015.02.08
    # Public Domain (CC0)
    FILE=/tmp/script_$(date "+%s%N").bat
    tail -n +2 $1 > $FILE
    wine cmd.exe /c $FILE
    rm $FILE
    echo ""

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