What Does It Mean To Be A Gamer....?


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    Written by BlackNeos (http://www.linux.org/members/blackneos940.7954/ && https://plus.google.com/u/0/111602760539644924795/)

    The question is asked numerous times. But for each person, the answer may be a little different. However, there is STILL an underlying reason. When I was a child, I remember playing Super Mario All Stars, on the SNES. I was playing one of the Games on the Cartridge, called Super Mario Bros.. It was on the second Level that I found out something: I didn't know how to move backward. (Hey, give me a break. I was all of, what, five? :D) Then, my Dad, of all people (he doesn't play Video Games.) showed me how to go Left. He pressed the Left Button on the D-Pad, and, to my amazement, Mario moved LEFT! I thanked him, and kept playing. Which brings me to the reason I think we all play Video Games, above ALL others: Discovery. Think about it.

    Remember that one Glitch you found that changed the Game dramatically? Or how about that Diamond you found while digging deep underground in Minecraft? It's those little things that spur us on..... Could you imagine a game where you stayed in one spot, and you couldn't go ANYWHERE? I sure couldn't..... That's another thing: We play Games because we like being able to influence things. That is something in our NATURE. It's the reason why we (even to this day), have fun with toys or Legos. That's something that The Game Theorists taught me. Which brings me to (yet) another point: We play Games because of COMMUNITY.

    It's likely that some of you who read this article use GNU/Linux, and/or some other Free and Open Source OS. And what powers these platforms? Community. It's what makes playing with someone else better than playing alone. Sure, some Games are BUILT for Single-Player, but many, while fun to play alone in their OWN right, become that much more interesting when someone ELSE is involved. Strategies change, as does the gameplay. This can be said of many other things, as well.

    Another reason why we Love to play Video Games is LORE. Yes, you heard me right. Some of you may remember playing Pokemon in the mid-to-late 90's. Remember Missingno.? How did you hear about it? Probably from other people. The community of Pokefans AROUND you. :) You probably weren't one of the few who discovered it by accident. (And if you WERE, kudos to you! Here's a Ragecandybar for your efforts.) Myths spread like wildfire, just like FUD. But, like all myths, not every one turned out to be true. Like Mew being under that truck by the S.S. Anne. :D Or the Pokegods. :) But Mew DID in fact exist in Red, Blue, AND Yellow. It was done through, surprise, a glitch.

    There are many more reasons why we play Video Games, too many to list, in fact. However, I do hope you had a good time reading this... Now then, go and play some Games! :D

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