Types of Networks

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    There are a few types of networks as far as an organizational scope is concerned. The largest and most commonly used network is the Internet. However, other networks exist.

    Intranets are numerous and well known. Intranets are networks owned by a single entity. Most intranets are Local Area Networks. Intranets commonly use the IP protocol and are not publicly available.

    An extranet is a large intranet that is still owned by one entity. Extranets are Wide Area Networks that usually allow clients and customers of the owning entity to access the network.

    The Internet (or Surface Internet) is the successor to the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET). The Internet is not owned by any single or group of entities. The Internet is the largest network and is the most commonly used/accessed network.

    The Darknet or Dark Web is a network that exists within the Internet. However, specialized software is required to access the Darknet (like the Tor Web-browser). Search engines (like Google or Bing) cannot search the Darknet.

    The Deep Web is the part of the Internet that is not indexed by search engines, but is still accessible to normal web-browsers.

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