SuperTux2 Update (Version 0.4.0)

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    Most people are using the current version of SuperTux (0.3.4). There is a newer version available, which is listed as "unstable". I have not found any issues so far with it, but the additions to it are nice.

    The additions are as follows (this comes from

    • move to SDL2 for graphics rendering
    • glow effects
    • new badguys: iceflame, ghostflame, livefire, goldbomb, smartblock
    • new bonuses: coinrain, coinexplode
    • statistics improved
    • icy island levels tweaked
    • new sounds
    • massive improvements to localization
    • efficiency tweaks
    • menus reworked
    • addon manager improved
    • new tilemap: halloween
    • new powerups: air- and earth-flower
    • support for horizontal gradients in levels (add 'direction "vertical|horizontal"' to your level)

    Some other additions include

    • Torch – larger than a Candle, it remains where it is placed and produces more light than a Candle
    • Coin – a Coin which remains placed, even against Gravity
    • Heavy Coin – a Coin which will fall due to Gravity
    • A new TileSection called "Halloween" exists to add darker ground tiles.

    Keep in mind that the Level Editor does not need to be upgraded, the new "BadGuys" will appear in the editor as well as a block for "Climb", etc.

    So, to get the update you need to add the Repository to Synaptic. If you have any older PPAs in the list, remove those first. At a Terminal, execute the command sudo add-apt-repository ppa:supertux-dev/daily

    Now, you can refresh your package list information.

    Before continuing farther, you may want to make a backup of the folder "/usr/share/games/supertux2" folder. Once done, open Synaptic and remove "supertux" and if needed, "supertux-git". Do not remove the "supertux-editor".

    After the older version of SuperTux has been removed, select the "Origin" button in the left-lower side of Synaptic. In the upper-left side, select "LP-PPA-supertux-dev-daily/now". In the right-upper window, right-click "supertux-git" and select "Mark for Installation". Apply the changes to perform the update. The version shown at this time in Synaptic is "0.3.5~git20150728+4~ubuntu14.04.1". Once installed and started, the version is "0.4.0". The SuperTux title screen is shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1 - SuperTux v0.4.0
    Figure 1 - SuperTux v0.4.0

    If any existing levels or files have been deleted or removed, you can replace them from the backup you made of the original files.

    The Level Editor does not need to be updated since it collects the information from the "supertux" folder. After opening the Level Editor, all the new objects will appear in the Objects window as shown in Figure 2.

    Figure 2 - Level Editor with new Badguys
    Figure 2 - Level Editor with new Badguys

    The new Badguys:

    • Gold Bomb – Works the same as Mr. Bomb, but when it explodes, coins fly out for Tux to retrieve
    • Smart Block – seems the same as Mr. Ice Block, but a female version
    • Live Fire – a walking ball of fire which gives off light on dark levels. An iceball will kill it
    • Live Fire Asleep – same as Live Fire, but it remains asleep and non-moving until Tux gets close to it
    • Live Fire Dormant – same as Live Fire, but it does not wake up or move
    • Ice Flame – same as Flame, just a different color
    • Ghost Flame – same as Flame, just a different color

    The "Air" power up allows Tux to fall slowly. With the Air power up, he wears a multi-colored hat. To fall slowly, hold down the "jump" key as he falls"

    The "Earth" power up allows Tux to have a miner's helmet. The helmet has a light on it for Tux to see where he is going.

    Maybe, before the final release is out, there may be more updates to be seen.

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