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    At the end of a game, the last level usually ends with a major enemy or Boss. The SuperTux Level Editor has two Bosses: Yeti and Ghost Tree. This article covers the use of the Yeti Boss.

    The Yeti is a large creature which runs from one side of the screen then back. It stops at each side to stomp around. It is also possible to place a cliff at either side onto which the Yeti would jump onto. It is a good strategy to use a cliff at either side so it is not as easy for Tux to jump onto the Yeti.

    To kill the Yeti, Tux must jump and land on the Yeti's head 5 times.

    To start, the screen must be set to a width of 40 blocks and a height of 25 blocks. If the size is too large, the Yeti can run off the screen and not come back. Another issue can arise if the size is too small. Do not try to add a Yeti to a normal size level, only a small one to prevent these issues.

    The cliffs should be at least seven blocks high so Tux cannot jump on the cliff with the Yeti. If you want to add a "minor" boss at the end of a level, use a Yeti without the cliffs. Also, to make it a little easier, do not use the "Stalactite Yeti".

    The Stalactite Yeti are Stalactites placed on a "top" which falls when the Yeti jumps around at the sides, cliffs or not. If the Yeti is placed in an outside area, the Stalactites should not be used.

    For a super-hard Boss, place two Yetis on screen. No matter how they are placed, the Yetis will run together as one and appear as one. Once one Yeti is killed, the second will continue. Two Yetis make Tux have to land on the Yeti(s) ten times (five times each).

    Create a Yeti level and try playing it from the Level Editor before using it to make sure no issues occur. The Yeti with the Yeti Stalactites are together a very efficient tool to test a player's ability. Of course, you want to make a hard Boss, but do not make it impossible. Games which are impossible to beat are not played for too long. If multiple worlds exist in your game, each world can have a Boss. A different Boss can be another variant of they Yeti and Yeti Stalactites. Real Difficulty could be added by alternating a Yeti Stalactite with a regular Stalactite. When Tux goes under the regular ones, the will start dropping. The Yeti Stalactites only drop when the Yeti jumps around before starting to run back across the screen.

    NOTE: I am including two sample Yeti files. One is outside and the other is underground. The underground level requires the file "black_800px.png" to be placed in the folder "/usr/share/games/supertux2/images/background/". It is simply a PNG file which is completely black to look like underground darkness.

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