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    With every game there must be a Goal or a type of Finish Line. With SuperTux, this is no exception.

    Here, there are two ways to accomplish this task. The first way we'll discuss is the blocks found under Tiles Tool as shown in Figure 1. The left icon is the Final Goal. Once the Final Goal is reached, the level is over. The icon is not visible to the player, so you need to designate an area which is recognized as the end of the level. When using the Tiles Tool, you can have a Final Goal without the Sequence End.

    Figure 1 (Triggers)
    Figure 1 (Triggers)

    The right icon is the Sequence End. Once the Sequence End is reached by Tux, the level is over and Tux walks to the Final Goal block. Make sure that when Tux reaches the Sequence End, he can walk to the Final Goal. If he cannot touch the Final Goal, he will continue to walk and can walk into deadly objects or even fall off a cliff and die. Remember, once Tux reaches and touches an invisible Final Goal block, he stops walking.

    The other to perform an End Sequence or Final Goal is with Objects from the Objects Tools. In the Objects icons, there is a red box with the letters "Seq Trigger". The Sequence Trigger allows you to specify a Sequence End and a Final Goal, so two boxes are needed. Again, each box must be touchable by Tux to activate them. Each box has a Property for "Sequence". The first box should have a Sequence name of "endsequence". It will act the same as an End Sequence box. The second "Seq Trigger" box should have a Sequence name of "stoptux" to act a a Final Goal block.

    Again, make sure Tux is safe from falling and dangerous objects after reaching the End Sequence blocks. If Tux dies after reaching the trigger, the Player will not be happy about losing Tux when they have no control over his movements.

    Keep in mind that the game is meant to be fun to the Player and not an annoyance. The Player needs to feel a challenge, but not come across an impossible level that will make them simply quit playing your world. Try to keep the Player coming back for more and new thrills. Excitement is the key.

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