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    In SuperTux, there are a few objects which move on their own or can be set to move by when a level is created. These objects can be very handy for some levels and even make things quite challenging for a player.

    For the objects that move on their own, there is the Pneumatic and Bicycle Platforms. These objects can be placed and their movement is preset. These objects are fairly easy to use, just drop them on a test level and see how they work.

    The Pneumatic Platform are two side by side platforms. When an object lands on one, it goes down while the other goes up.

    The Bicycle Platform has two platforms as well. These two move with weight on one and rotates like bicycle pedals.

    The other two moving objects require you to set the path and the speed when placing them. These two objects are the Flying and Hurting Platforms. These two objects may take a little time to get the hang of them.

    The two platforms can be set to follow a specific path or even set to not move. The Flying Platform is used by Tux to jump on and use to reach another area. The Hurting Platform is a saw which kills Tux if he touches it.

    When a path is specified for these platforms, the path is managed the same. So, let's set up a path.

    When either the Flying or Hurting Platform are placed in a level and selected, the Path Tool becomes available. When you select the Path Tool, a small red box appears next to the selected platform. Click the red box so it turns a light grey color. Once it is grey, click to the next spot where you want the platform to move to in its trek. Make that box grey and then click the next spot and so on. As each new spot is placed, there is a Property for that Path Node. Under the property is a Time setting. The values specify how fast the platform will move to the spot you have selected. By using a "1", the platform moves slow and higher numbers make it move faster. If a path is not suitable for you, you can click on a red box and move it. You can also right-click on a red box and select "Delete" to remove it.

    Practice with the Path Tool and get used to setting up a path and changing speeds. The Path Tool can pose a bit of trouble for some to use when learning it.

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