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    The last level of a world needs a Boss to beat. A creature to defeat to win. The Ghost Tree can be used as a Boss or as something very hard to pass by to continue on the route to the end.

    There does not seem to be much documentation on this Boss, but the following is what I have found out.

    Basically, the Ghost Tree can be placed anywhere, but preferably above or below ground. The Ghost Tree can work in a large cave as well on the surface. Being a "green" tree, it is best to place it in a forest setting.

    Once you get close to the Ghost Tree, roots can shoot out of the ground to try to impale Tux. Of course, this will kill him. The roots only come out so far above ground and if Tux is on a ledge placed five or more blocks above the ground he is safe. If you want to give the player a fighting chance, place blocks for Tux to stand on which is five or more blocks high. Tux can jump up to a height of six blocks. The closer to the Ghost Tree Tux is, the more the roots appear. Farther away, they may appear, but not as frequently.

    Tux is able to run straight past the Ghost Tree, but he must avoid the roots. Also, to prevent his passage are willow-the-wisps coming from it. The willow-the-wisps are colored green, red and black. If any should hit Tux, he will die.

    After a time of the willow-the-wisps passing around the Ghost Tree, the Ghost tree will suck in a specific color of the willow-the-wisps.

    Here is the trick to kill the Ghost Tree. A light of a different color then the willow-the-wisps being sucked in must be sucked in with them. If the Ghost Tree is sucking in the green willow-the-wisps, a lantern of any color other than green will kill it. If the lantern is the same color as the willow-the-wisps, the Ghost Tree does not die. Be careful on this part since the Ghost Tree will suck the light from the lantern and spit it out with no light. Getting the lantern into it is not an easy task. Even if the lantern is not red, black or green like the willow-the-wisps, such as blue, it will still kill the Ghost Tree.

    Once killed, the eyes of the Ghost Tree become "X's" and Tux can pass by it without a care.

    After the Ghost Tree is dead, there needs to be an exit set up to allow Tux to continue. Scripts can be used to handle this which will be discussed in other articles.

    I have a sample level called "GhostTree.stl" which shows a basic setup to be above the roots and to kill the Ghost Tree.

    If a player does not know how to kill the Ghost Tree, they may attempt to toss in a lantern of the same color. Multiple lanterns may confuse the player until they know the secret to kill it.

    Do not use too many Ghost Trees since they tend to be quite deadly. They are not impossible to kill or to pass. They will be impossible to kill without a lantern, but can be passed (not easily).

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