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    "Program-Analyzer" is a GTK3 GUI that provides a visual interface to some of the GNU-binutils such as "objdump". With this program, developers can right-click an executable or library and open the binary with Program-Analyzer. The analyzer will then display symbols, disassembly, file information, and more about the chosen binary file. The minimal requirements are Python3, GTK3, PyGObject, and GNU-binutils.

    "Program-Analyzer" is licensed under LGPLv3 and is made by Devyn Collier Johnson <[email protected]>.

    The XDG "*.desktop" file can be placed in /usr/share/applications/ or ~/.local/share/applications/, thus adding the program to the desktop environment's menus. However, the program must be placed in a directory listed in the system's path (i.e. $PATH).

    Please feel free to email me suggestions, bug reports, concerns, etc. Also, please consider donating to DCJTech for further development.


    Download v2016.01.12

    NOTE: A minor bug was fixed (the program did not appear in "open-with" on some distros).

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