Portal Filesystem (PortalFS)

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    The Portal Filesystem (PortalFS) is a virtual (or pseudo) filesystem used by BSD operating systems. This allows server processes and services to be accessible to a BSD client or server. Then, the user on one computer can access mounted services that are on another system. In other words, a process is mounted onto the directory tree. For instance, assume a user has a BSD client and needs to access the FTP service that are offered by DCJTech.info (this is just an example; DCJTech does not have FTP services). The client can access these services like local files via /p/tcp/dcjtech.info/ftp/. Local Unix tools (such as awk, cat, etc.) can be used on the server from the client and such operations appear local. PortalFS may not be in newer BSD releases.

    Further Reading - https://dcjtech.info/topic/filesystems/

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