Overview of the Homebrewed Wii

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    Nintendo's Wii gaming-console (released November 19, 2006) can support more games and features thanks to homebrewing. A "homebrew system" is a console that has additional functionality that was not in the manufacturers intended idea of use. Gamers can hack the Wii to add the Homebrew-Channel or other features.

    FUN FACT: The Starlet co-processor (inside the Hollywood package) runs an operating system called "IOS".

    Some important and helpful websites for hacking the Wii and using homebrew features include

    Homebrewing may likely invalidate the Wii's warranty. Also, once The Homebrew-Channel is installed, do not allow system updates. By updating the firmware through WiiConnect24, the homebrew changes made may be removed. If the Wii system asks if it can download updates, answer 'No'.

    To use homebrewing features on the Wii, HackMii must be installed first. Then, users can install the Homebrew-Channel (HBC) and BootMii.

    EASTER EGG: Press 2+1 when in the Homebrew-channel's screen to play a hidden game called "Pop the Bubbles".

    The "Homebrew Browser" provides an interface on the Wii for gamers to obtain or update Homebrew applications. Many Homebrew applications are available such as WiiMC (Wii Media Centre) which is an open-source media player. WiiHTTPD allows Wii users to use the Wii as an HTTP/web server.

    Linux on the Wii

    Linux can be used on the Wii console. Many Wii-Linux distros use the xf86-video-cube driver to use X11 on the system to provide a Graphical User Interface (GUI).

    Whiite Linux is a popular Linux distro that can be used on the Wii console. Whiite requires BootMii to be installed before Whiite can be used on the console.

    Other Linux distros for the Wii are listed below.

    • Archii - Based on Arch-Linux
    • Bliight - Gentoo with a GUI by T7g; released Dec. 8, 2008
    • GeeXboX for Wii - Ported GeeXboX by Farter; released Oct. 17, 2008; http://fartersoft.com/geexboxforwii/
    • WiiToo! - Minimal stage4 Gentoo system by VQuickSilver; released Oct. 20, 2009
    • xWhiite - Debian-based Linux distro by Bertjan; released Dec. 1, 2008; http://wiitoo.sourceforge.net/

    Game Emulators

    With Homebrew, the Wii can use emulators to play additional games.

    "Visual Boy Advance GX" is a Game-Boy-Advance/Game-Boy emulator for the Wii based on VBA-M.

    "RIN Wii" is a Gameboy-color emulator, and "Gnuboy GX" is a Gameboy emulator.

    "DeSmuME Wii" is a Nintendo-DS emulator that is a Wii port of DeSmuME (http://desmume.org/).

    Further Reading

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