NodeOS 1.0-RC1 (Press Note)

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    Today, November 18th, NodeOS 1.0-RC1 has been released. NodeOS 1.0-RC1 is a Linux-based operating system build on top of Node.js as userspace and mostly intended for cloud servers and embedded systems.

    The best advantages of such a system are performance and memory foot-print, since there are no intermediate layers between the Node.js binary and the Linux kernel making Node.js applications to run almost on bare-metal, but also making it easier to understand and learn since all the applications are written in Javascript and it's code is easily accessible. It has some particular characteristics that make it different of other OSes, like a build system fully managed by the npm package manager, full unprivileged access to system devices in a secure way, or the combination of OverlayFS and chroot jails to provide per-user root filesystems, allowing to each of them to create its "own" OS inside NodeOS while being isolated from the other users. Future road-map includes ARM support and a graphical HTML5-based GUI.

    You can download NodeOS source code, build instructions, pre-build ISO images and contribute to its development at (pull-request are highly welcome).

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