Minetest Privileges

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    The privileges given to players in a Minetest world are stored in the "auth.txt" file. This is a plain-text file that lists one player per line. For example, "auth.txt" can be found at ~/.minetest/worlds/World-Name/auth.txt. A line from the file may look like


    Below is a list of each privilege and a brief description of each.


    • shout - chat with other people


    • areas - set property boundaries
    • bring - teleport a another player to the player using this ability
    • fast - move faster
    • fly - fly by holding down the button used to jump
    • give - use the /give and /giveme commands
    • interact - build, dig, mine, blocks, etc.
    • noclip - walk through blocks (must use with "fly")
    • teleport - use the /teleport command to teleport to specified coordinates

    Moderator and Admin Privileges

    • all - all privileges
    • ban - ban/unban IPs and names using /ban and /unban
    • basic_privs - grant "interact" and "shout" privileges to other players
    • kick - kick a player
    • privs - grant privileges to players
    • server - server-maintenance commands such as /shutdown, /clearobjects, /set, etc.
    • rollback - can use the rollback functionality

    World Manipulation

    • settime - can set time using /time
    • worldedit - (if the Worldedit mod is enabled) use the chat-box to manipulate the world and build mega-structures
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