Introduction and Feature Review for the E2400 Killer, Made for Gamers!

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    High-end motherboards, get ready for the latest Intelligent Networks made by Networks Rivet, namely Killer E2400! Kill your network!


    Killer E2400 improves the network quality for gamers by controlling your network data. With this network processor, your speed is improved with a new technology called "Advanced Stream Detect 2.0". This technology is used to identify and automatically prioritize software's access to websites and network services, thus giving the Internet traffic better speeds.

    Visual Bandwidth Control

    For personalized priorities (except Automatic-mode mentioned above), you can adjust settings manually that specify how each piece of software can use data.


    Lag and Latency Reduction

    This technology is designed to focus on improving the experience of online gaming and watching HD videos. With the benefit of this patented technology, the processor "Killer" is able to make software usage on a network 50% faster and take advantage of several software, achieving transfer speeds up to 10 times faster (than the processor "Other").

    With the simultaneous use of a wireless adapter, Killer Wireless-AC and Killer E2400 manage speed and control comfort in the online experience.


    Killer DoubleShot Pro enhances the speed on systems with Killer E2400 and Killer Wireless-AC. It uses priority information to route important information faster and less important data slower. By doing so, it always knows the fastest way to pass important information.

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