Debian Package Management Commands

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    apt-cache depends PKGlist package's dependencies
    apt-cache PKGlist available packages
    apt-cache pkgname KEYWORDlist all package names starting with KEYWORD
    apt-cache search KEYWORDlist packages and a brief description
    apt-cache show PKGget info on package
    apt-cache showpkg PKGlist dependencies
    apt-cache statscache statistics
    apt-cdrom addadd an optical disc as a repo
    apt-cdrom -d=/MNT_PT addadd an ISO file as a repo
    apt-file search FILEfind packages containing the specified file
    apt-file show PKGlist files installed by the package
    apt-get --compile source PKGdownload source code and compile it
    apt-get --download-only source PKGobtain the source code of the listed packages
    apt-get autocleanclear local temp repo (containing downloaded DEB files)
    apt-get autoremoveremove no longer needed packages previously needed as dependencies
    apt-get build-dep PKGinstall the build dependencies for the listed packages
    apt-get changelog PKGview changelog
    apt-get checkfind broken dependencies
    apt-get cleanremove the DEB files of no-longer installed packages
    apt-get dist-upgradesame as "upgrade", but satisfy dependencies
    apt-get download PKGdownload DEB file, but do not install
    apt-get install PKGinstall packages (each separated by a space)
    apt-get install PKG --only-upgradeupgrade the listed packages
    apt-get purge PKGremove listed packages and config files
    apt-get remove PKGremove listed packages (keep config files)
    apt-get updaterefresh repo index
    apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgradeupdate and upgrade
    apt-get upgradeupgrade all packages
    dpkg --get-selectionslist all installed packages
    dpkg --get-selections > FILEPATH.txtsave the list of installed packages
    dpkg -i FILE.debinstall or upgrade the package
    dpkg -llist installed packages
    dpkg -l | grep -i KEYWORDlist installed package's matching the keyword
    dpkg -L PKGlist files that a package will install
    dpkg -P PKGremove package and conf files
    dpkg -p PKGdisplay package info such as dependencies, version, etc.
    dpkg -R DIRinstall packages recursively in directory
    dpkg -r PKGremove package, but keep conf files
    dpkg -S FILEPATHlist th package that owns/installed the file
    dpkg -s PKGget the installation status
    Special Files
    /etc/apt/sources.listrepo/package addresses
    /var/cache/apt/archivescache of downloaded packages
    dpkg-reconfigure PKGreconfigure the package
    dpkg-split -j FILESjoin DEB files
    dpkg-split -s FILEsplit DEB file
    dpkg-vendor --is VENDORexit with 0 if VENDOR is the current vendor (/etc/dpkg/origins/)
    du -h /var/cache/apt/archives/display DEB cache size

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