DCJ Encryption Algorithm (131072-bit encryption)

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    The DCJ Encryption Algorithm is open-source software that is licensed under LGPLv3 and is made by Devyn Collier Johnson <[email protected]>. The program is written in C and uses 131072-bit symmetric-key encryption (16384 bytes). The symmetric-cipher algorithm thoroughly scrambles the data at multiple levels. In some parts of the algorithm, individual bits in each byte are shuffled as well as the data's bytes. The key and the data are bit and byte shifted multiple times to ensure deep encryption. In fact, the data is encrypted so well that compression (such as Gzip, Bzip2, etc.) will not work on the seemingly random-data. An encryption algorithm this strong should prevent government officials and law-enforcement from obtaining the original data. However, remember to hide the key. For additional security, encrypt and lock the key in a password-protected Zip-file.

    The provided "README" file provides compiling instructions for various platforms. The Clang compiler and GNU-GCC compiler are supported.

    Pre-built binaries and source-code can be found in the free download below. The pre-built binaries include builds for GNU/Linux (x86 & x86-64), MS-Windows (x86 & x86-64), and Linux (x86-64 static Musl). If enough donation are received, then pre-built binaries for requested operating systems and architectures will be made and uploaded.

    Please feel free to email me suggestions, bug reports, concerns, etc. Also, please consider donating to DCJTech for further development. Donations will help with the development of additional open-source encryption algorithms. Donations will motivate the developer of the DCJ Encryption Algorithm to release an encryption algorithm named "Eggie" that encrypts data and hides it within another file (i.e. an MP3, JPEG, etc.); no one would ever think to look in a working MP3 file for heavily encrypted data.


    Download DCJ 131072-bit Encryption Algorithm



    A new key is generated for each encrypted file. Existing files with the same name will be over-written. The generated key can only be used to decrypt the encrypted file

    • To encrypt a file - ./dcj -e ./key_file ./file ./encrypted_file
    • To decrypt a file - ./dcj -d ./key_file ./encrypted_file ./decrypted_file


      • -e: Encrypt
      • -d: Decrypt
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