BBCode Deluxe (WordPress Plugin)

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    "BBCode Deluxe" adds BBCode markup (and other shortcodes) to WordPress and BBPress. These BBCodes create HTML5 tags, so be sure that your site supports HTML5. BBCode-Deluxe is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 ( The plugin is open-source and made by Devyn Collier Johnson.

    "BBCode Deluxe" can be obtained from either of the below listed links.

    This plugin includes code from the below listed developers and their plugins.

    • Copyright (C) 2013 Anton Channing ("Video and Audio BBCodes" and "bbPress2 BBCode")
    • Copyright (C) 2010 b0ingBall (b0ingBall BBCode plugin)
    • Copyright (C) 2008 Viper007Bond (the original BBCode plugin)
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