Fungal Anatomy Systems

Fungi have a variety of parts that can be classified into systems just like the human body. The below anatomical structure systems were developed by Devyn Collier Johnson.

Agaricales (Typical Mushrooms)

  • Reproductive System: lamellae, spores
  • Pilus System: cap, lamellae, spores, scales
  • Stipe System: stalk, annulus, volva
  • Protective System: universal veil, partial veil
  • Rudimentary System: volva, annulus
  • Reticulate System: mycelia, rhizomorphs


  • Reproductive System: gleba, spores, spore sac
  • Reticulate System: mycelium, rhizomorphs
  • Subterraneus System: mycelium, rhizomorphs, stalk
  • Body System: spore sac, rays


  • Reproductive System: spores, sporangiophore, basidium, ascus, suspensor, progametangia, gametangia
  • Reticulate System: hyphae, mycelium, stolon hyphae, rhizoidal hyphae