Layout Engines Briefly Mentioned

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    A Layout Engine is the part of a web-browser that renders the HTML and CSS code of a webpage. Not all layout engines are used in web-browsers for the web. For instance, programs that use HTML data to structure their interface typically use a layout engine. Various layout engines exist, as briefly discussed below.
    Blink is a new cross-platform engine that is a fork of Webkit and is written in C++. Blink is made by Google and others; it is used in Google-Chrome and Opera.
    Boxly is used to apply themes in various AOL applications.
    Dillo is used in a small web-browser that is also called Dillo. The web-browser is so small that the layout engine is the primary bulk of the program.
    Gecko is made by Mozilla and used in Firefox and Thunderbird. Gecko is written in C++ and is cross-platform.
    GtkHTML is used by GTK to render HTML+CSS code. GtkHTML is a fork of KHTML.
    HTMLayout is used by Windows phones, and it is an embeddable program.
    KHTML is the layout engine used by the Konqueror web browser and is hosted and developed by KDE. KHTML had forked, thus, producing Webkit. KHTML has support for PNG, GIF, SVG, MNG, and JPG.
    Martha is used in all of RealObjects' products.
    Forefront is a small web-browser that is also a layout engine. This browser is usually seen on embedded mobile devices such as Sony's PSP and the Nintendo 3DS (by Nintendo).
    NetSurf is a small web-browser that is also a layout engine. NetSurf is usually seen on rare/odd systems like Haiku, OS X, Amga, RISC OS, and others.
    Presto was used in Opera v7-15 and is now discontinued.
    Prince is a HTML+CSS to PDF converter.
    Servo is a layout engine written in Rust (a programming language) by Mozilla.
    Tasman is seen in various Microsoft products for the Apple system.
    Trident used by Microsoft's Internet Explorer.
    Tkhtml is the layout engine used by the Tk widget toolkit to render HTML+CSS.
    Webkit is used by Safari and many previous web browsers before switching to Blink.
    NOTE: V8 is a JavaScript engine. Layout engines do not interpret JavaScript.

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