Neobot v1.1b (Release)

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    Neobot v1.1b is now ready for the public. This chatbot has been completely re-written and is proprietary. Neobot is legally copyrighted and is licensed under the Betabot v1.0 License. Betabot, Neobot, Pysh, and similar software are free to download for personal use only. This software does use Pybooster which is open-source freeware licensed under LGPLv3. Also, the knowledgebases are licensed under LGPLv3.

    Betabot, Neobot, Pysh, and similar software are owned and created by Devyn Collier Johnson <>.

    Neobot works on Windows, Linux and various Unixoid systems, if Python3.4 is installed. However, this version of Neobot is slow on Windows systems (this may be fixed in later versions).

    Currently, there is only one active chatbot in the Betabot family, and it is named Neobot.

    To run Neobot on Windows, open a console and move to Neobot's directory. Then, run python3 -O or python -O

    Neobot on Win7
    Neobot on Win7

    To run Neobot on Linux, open a terminal and move to Neobot's directory. Next, run python3.4 -O ./, or click "" if Gnome-terminal is installed.

    WARNING - This release may be unstable. Expect updates and fixes on this website. None of the authors/programmers, contributors, etc. are responsible for damages or problems.

    Download Neobot v1.1b

    Motivate me to write the documentation and release updates


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