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    The development of the Betabots began with Neobot in March 30, 2012 by Devyn Collier Johnson. Betabots use the Pysh engine which is written in Python3.x. All chatbots that run on the Pysh engine and are approved by Devyn Collier Johnson are known as Betabots. Neobot, Betabot, and Pysh are legally copyrighted and licensed under the Betabot License. Betabot, Neobot, Pysh, and similar software are free to download for personal use only. This software does use Pybooster which is open-source freeware licensed under LGPLv3. Also, the knowledgebases are licensed under LGPLv3.

    Visit to see the main Betabot project.

    Betabots work on Windows, Linux, and many Unixoid systems. Be sure that you have Python3.4 or later installed.

    Currently, there is only one active chatbot in the Betabot family, and it is named Neobot.

    Betabot GTK3 Interface Betabot GTK3 Interface

    There is also a developer's kit for Betabot.

    Betabot Developers Kit Betabot Developers Kit
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