AnitaOS The DIY Distro you build from a bare ISO

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    Hi my name is Darren Hale developer of AnitaOS a fork of Puppy Linux 4 which has been heavily updated to run on old long forgotten Computers mostly based around version 4.12.

    The idea is to build a system up from the basic ISO you dowload and the either user the older software in the package manager Petget or the programs I have provided at the AnitaOS site.  The ISO is provided without a Browser so you can choose which one you want to choose.  This was done to make sure the ISO's last longer as LTS without an out of date browser.  Also you get to choose a browser which suits what your system can handle.

    Documentation is there in the form of a Wiki and most of your questions are answered there.  If you require extra wireless drivers either compile yourself if you are able or use the NON-SMP Iso which has extra drivers like RTL8192CU.

    Finally the link is below so have fun with this DIY system and remember is probably a good idea to study the Wiki first to become familiar with installing AnitaOS.  Also look out for security patches from time to time at the site to combat the threat of nasties like the Bash Vulnerability.

    Also thank you Barry Kauler for Puppy Linux for which AnitaOS originally was derived from.

    The Link to the Homesite:

    Here is a great site for programs that will work with AnitaOS by good old Tuxtoo for Puppy 412 which AnitaOS is loosely based -

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